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Introduction We met when Keith hired me to work in his restaurant. We got married Nov 1, 07 and our first baby is due Aug 23. His name is Takeshi after my grandpa. I used to live with my grandparents half the year. We would go bowling and just hang out and check out the ranch. Best times of my life. We live in the East Bay where Keith is a chef. We have the cutest dog Hayden. We got him from the pound - he is a corgi terrier mutt mix. He LOVES going for walks and marking his territory! Keith works a lot, but when he's home, we like to hang out and watch movies. He really enjoys cars and coffee! He is the best husband in the world - he'll come home and cook an amazing dinner even after working in a kitchen all day. I'm your typical girl. Mostly I bake in my free time, but I like to sew and crochet and I'm starting to get into the scrapboking thing. A little behind on that trend, I know. In my past life, I was a chemist, so I like geeky stuff like going to science museums, watching Nova, doing the crossword. We're both pretty homey, mellow people that pretty much just spend time with each other or family when we're not working!