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Industry Science
Occupation Scientist and Mum
Location Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Malaysia
Introduction The Kam is blessed with 2 beautiful kids, Hao Re and Xi Yu. We are trying our best to provide an environment for them to grow up happily and healthily. We believe in learning through playing. Having fun is the main priority, as childhood is all about having fun, isn’t it? Kids pick up by watching and listening to those around them and so parents have to set a good example. Bringing and shaping up a child is the duty of parents and no one else! 甘家有两个宝贝, 皓日和淅瑜。身为父母的我们希望孩子能在我们提供的环境下快乐健康的长大。我们相信“游戏学习”是最有效的学习方式。让皓日和淅瑜开开心心的玩乐是我们最优先的考虑,希望他们能渡过一个愉快,无忧无虑的童年。父母对孩子的影响是深远的,所谓言教不如身教,父母就是孩子学习的榜样。孩子成长及学习的责任是不容推卸于别人的,养不教,父之过呀!