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Gender MALE
Industry Communications or Media
Location Durham, North Carolina, United States
Introduction I was born and raised in Durham and studied biology and anthropology at UNC-Chapel Hill and since then have worked for private and government employers. I am distantly related to Irish bourgeois democratic revolutionary Thomas Francis Meagher, who was also a Union general during the Civil War and a territorial governor of Montana. I was a member of Alliance Marxist-Leninist, but since its dissolution in about 2008 I have worked with groups such as USMLO and PCUSA, though I am not a member. In electoral politics I support the Green Party, the closest thing to a left alternative in North Carolina, though punitive rules have kept it off the ballot. Durham Spark covers a variety of issues, but I am most interested in conservation, labor and economic issues, civil liberties and democratic rights, and fighting imperialism, beginning with US imperialism. My profile photo shows appropriately crimson Phat Ryan/Rockin' Ruben, the cardinal sculpture in the Durham Central Park. My email is listed, but I don't check it very often, so if I reply, it might take a long time.