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Location Narka, Kansas, United States
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Introduction I'm just a back woods country girl that got thrown into the city as a young adult and forever yearned to find my way back to where I had came from. Married too young, had four children in 7 years, and ended up a single mother. Remarried, uh oh.., that one didn't work either. Got my three living children raised and through high school (whew)and like a fool, tried the marrying thing again. It's been 10 years, and I'm still hanging in there. I'm the kind of person that gets along much better with animals than I do people. There are two things that I love, that I just can't get enough of,.. my animals, and my family history. Searching the counties of the places my ancestors lived, and learning about the lives they chose fills me with more wonder. The strength and hardships that they endured lives on only in the memory of what has been, now a never ending paper trail. There and only there is where it stops. Unless someone like me picks it up and continues to carry it forward. So this is my destiny. My animals. That being my two King Charles Cavalier spaniels, and my two quarter horses. Fondly known as 'my boys' (the dogs), and "my girls", the horses.
Interests genealogy, family history, grandchildren, horses, gypsy cob, paint horses, King Charles Cavaliers, Grandbabies, Country life, trail riding, western pleasure, horse training, scrapbooking, photography