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Industry Student
Occupation body piercer
Location santee, california, United States
Introduction my name is sasha and im 16 years old. im originally from east county, but it might not be for long. i decided to create a blogspot, because im finding a lack of close friends to acually talk to, so i figured i would vent to a computer, and the world can read my problems. i dont want attention, i just want a place where i can complain, and i feel like for once, someones listening, even if they arent. when im not in a sad mood, im acually a very nice person. maybe too nice. i care too much, and i will never let anyone down. im usually always seen with a smile on my face, and always there when anyone needs me. im not to easy to find, so dont miss an opportunity to get to know a good person in this fucked up world
Interests piercing, finding my own original style, music, company, shopping, talking
Favorite Movies favorite genre is comedy. who doesnt love a good laugh?
Favorite Music anything but country. i usually keep an open mind
Favorite Books none. i read for school, and only school

Why does the taste of pennies remind you of losing a tooth?

pennies are made of copper, which has an obvious bitter metal taste. blood has a similar sensation because of the mixture of ingredients tend to taste like a bitter metal. when u loose a tooth, all u taste is blood, which taste like pennies =]