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Gender MALE
Location Canada
Introduction Hey everybody! I'm not too great with "About me" sections so this might be a bit choppy :p.
Growing up, my brother and I have always loved cartoons and animation. We used to watch all the great cartoons from Popeye and Betty Boop to all the latest series and movies. And after seeing Jurassic Park for the first time, we knew what we want to be... Paleontologists! So we started studying everything we could about dinosaurs for a few years before coming to the slow realization that we didn't want to find dead dinosaurs, we wanted to bring them to life!
After a brief stint in the Mad Scientist Academy, we were told that animation would probably be a better line of work for us. Now here we are, ready to start our dreams of bringing our imagination to life and also trying to figure out which of us is the evil twin.
Looking back, some of what I just said might not be 100% true... but it's close enough :p
Interests Animation (of course), reading, drawing, and also building, repairing and otherwise wasting my time on computers. My main hobby though is creating and tweaking media centre pcs.
Favorite Movies Back to the Future, Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings and so many more...
Favorite Music Anything that's well played, but mostly video game remixes.
Favorite Books The Shannara series, Temeraire, Harry Potter, His Dark Materials (French version)