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Industry Maritime
Occupation rower
Location United States
Introduction AlexT 5:16 PM/Enty Outing, a short re-enacting: (edited, bc blogger sucks!)/B.P.: zomg, everyone, I know who Enty is! I can't believe it, it was RIGHT THERE FOR ANYONE TO FIND./Everyone: zomg, where?!/B.P.: Well, I can't SAY where, then the site would shut down and Enty would disappear forever. But if you think real hard and click your heels and type in [mysterious combination of words, redacted] in [location, also redacted] it's, like, SO OBVIOUS. But you may guess./lMuch turmoil ensues as everyone attempts B.P's secret combination//Himmmmmmm: Hi Everyone, I'm here! Not that I'm RDJ or anything, wink nudge!/Everyone: Not now, Ironman./Users #3,4,5,6-14: I've tried everything and nothing even remotely relevant is coming up./B.P. That's because you're not doing it right! You have to do it while facing east and whistling the theme to Andy Griffith! BECAUSE HE DIED. THAT IS A CLUE./Users #15-42: What the fuck are you even talking about?!/Everyone, eventually: Fuck this. Someone email me. My email address is And that was the Mystery of Enty. THE END.