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Gender Female
Occupation oh, I shake my money maker.
Location United States
Introduction I once asked a homeless man if he’d rather me give him money or buy him a beer. I know this world’s a shady place, and that’s why I’m here to shine my light in the dark. I take my stairs two atta time, and I drive and live recklessly, both equally. I laugh too much, drive too fast, play too hard, and live too carefree. I wear my eyeliner think and am a firm believer in strong doses throughout each and every day of coffee, sarcasm, 90210 episodes, craigslist shopping sprees, eating really healthy and then splurging on chocolate before bedtime, signature indie acoustic soundtracks, daydreaming of the life I have to come, googling Wentworth Miller and drooling over new season collections in Vogue, green tea, and good mood endorphins. I thrive off of anything with adventure/adrenaline rush/fashion in the title. I've wished I was a ballerina since I was a little girl, I'd kill for freckles, and my heart belongs down in Beverly Hills, iced soy latte in one hand and a pen and paper in the other to serve my imagination. My life's one big complicated mess, but hell it's beautiful. Why am I not walking the pier boardwalk, sipping laughter like it's vodka and traveling the world right now?
Interests laughter. people. sunshine. passion. subtle humor. art&galleries. traveling. MAC. chai black tea. endorphins. chocolate chip pancakes. making smoothies. Office<3 marathons. loud bass. Wentforth Miller, mmmm. lazy summa days. virgin mai thais. WSU football games. windblown hair. diversity. freeway drivin'. breakfast, i live for a good breakfast. psychology/psychiatry. foggy mornings. throwing pennies in fountains. trader joe's. tattoos. smiles from strangers. thrift store adventures. photography. nocturnal bedtimes. physiological thrillers. googling James Franco. PB&J. coloring books. getting lost in unfamiliar places. voluminous hair. the history channel. weekend getaways. hot tubbin'. yoga parties. heart-to-hearts and quality conversation, period. boy meets world. living barefoot. conversation. making up new words. accents. 11:11. summer nights. vintage shopping. Jesus. basking in the sun. macaroni grill. listening to rain hitting the window. raildroad tracks. adrenaline rushes. shooting stars. familiar songs on the radio. grocery shopping. sleeping in till noon. being surprised. piggyback rides. spending money I don't have. ripped jeans;curling my hair. daydreaming. getting lost in Seattle. bonfires. singin' like I'm good at it. spontaneity. 3am mac'n'cheese breaks. business&marketing. oversized sunglasses. country music. optimistic people. memories. weddings. fresh squeezed orange juice. inspiration. moon gazing.gettin' all dolled up. underground concert scene. roadtrips. daisy fields. full house reruns. empty city streets. little black dresses. Yakima fruit market. internet cafés. camping. homemade meals. street lights. 5 o’clock coffee runs. park benches and bright green grass. chill moods. well-being. honesty. bittersweet chocolate. eskimo kisses. blue skies and marshmallow clouds. first dates. thai food. sunrise and the beginning of a new day. Lucky Brand. meeting new people. Jack Johnson. coffee. simplicity. & wearing ripped jeans when they're outta style.
Favorite Movies american gangster. breakfast at tiffany's. bad boys I&II. hitch. pineapple express. my best friend's wedding. eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. bruce almighty. love & basketball. finding nemo. beautiful/crazy. little miss sunshine. how to lose a guy in 10 days. anything starring jim carrey/denzel washington/dennis quaid/my johnny depp.
Favorite Music I like a good shake of indie, hXc rap, rock, acoustic, alternative and country thrown in my day, together and equally. And oh, just about every other song that comes along via radio...
Favorite Books Thou shalt read the words of cosmopolitan, thou shalt live the words of cosmopolitan. And the Bible was my first and favorite bedtime story growing up, so..