John Savage

About me

Gender MALE
Location North Carolina, United States
Introduction John Savage has no particular qualifications for blogging, other than being a very opinionated young man. A proud Americanist and "crunchy con", he spent about five years trying to find a home for his philosophy on the Left, before finding it could only fit within a traditional conservative matrix. He's especially interested in hearing from other Gen X and Gen Y conservatives. Please contact him at (bravenewworldwatch at gmail dot com) if you think he'd be interested in your blog.
Interests politics, sociology, anthropology, history, dystopian novels, classical music, golf, Tom Tancredo's campaign
Favorite Books Brave New World, 1984, The Conservative Mind, Crunchy Cons, Who Are We?, Revolt of the Elites, Amusing Ourselves to Death, Closing of the American Mind, Small is Beautiful, Slouching Towards Gomorrah, The Great Betrayal (Pat Buchanan)