About me

Gender Male
Location Minnesota, United States
Introduction I am 30 years old and a hoot and a half. I am hysterical and I am not the only one who thinks that! I am opinionated, open minded, caring, sensitive, honest and a great friend.
Interests humor, friends & family, animals, reading, laughing, soap operas, texting, rain, parties, cologne, candles
Favorite Movies Misery, Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Clueless, Romy & Michele, Babel, Firestarter
Favorite Music I could write in here for DAYS! Music is my life! Anything with a catchy hook, good beat and has a good melody and I am there. I do not limit myself when it comes to music. Some of my favorite artists' are: Madonna, Janet, Roisin Murphy, Leo Sayer, Britney, 112, Avant, Lil' Kim, Jason Walker......
Favorite Books I am a reading freak as well! I am a member of 3 book clubs and I have 2 big bookshelves FILLED with books! Some of my favorite authors are: Karin Slaughter, Mary Higgins Clark, James Patterson and anything that is true crime!

You've broken up with your old band and are about to release your first solo album. Please write the liner notes:

Thanks to American Idol on PS2 for allowing me to discover my true talent. Thanks to Lil Kim for reppin me on my cover of "Alone"! #1! To all the fans! Without you I would still be FIRECE but, thanks for your support!Thanks to all my peeps: Nay-Nay, Tee-Tee, Kimkeisha, Niecey, Jamaica, Euchineca, Stiletto, Pointsetta, Uniqey, Ro Ro, Latrice, Aquanetta and Ranatta.