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Occupation registered nurse
Location United States
Introduction hi, i'm tiffany, tif to most people. i live in kansas (please don't look me up and kill me, that'd be awesome). I am a night shift peds nurse who never gets the sleep i'd like...so when i do it's, well, rapturous. or something. i transfer to the picu at the first of the year and i sincerely hope i'm smart enough to do that. time will tell. i' m a huge child advocate, especially for pediatric oncology. i'm very tangential, addicted to starbucks and use entirely too many parentheses. i have two kids, Wonderboy and Princess, who are 8 and 4. I also had to change their names to blog names due to nasty porn searchers. my husband is jason and he worked on a psych ward...i frequently asked him to admit me (or the kids) when i'm alone with them but he's disloyal and refused. he is now a SAHD. yes, i'm very lucky. he lets me sleep and out of all things domestic. he and i are epileptic; we're TONS of fun at parties with a trick like that. instant conversation starter, lemme tell ya. this is my first blog and i'm psyched. keep reading me, it makes me feel pretty.
Interests reading, playing with kids, WORK WORK WORK, drink to forget work (just kidding, unless mt. dew counts), bitching about everything that annoys me, blah blah blah. and now i blog.
Favorite Movies Rent, Empire Records, The Family Stone, Steel Magnolias, Coyote Ugly, seasons of Grey's Anatomy....i don't really get to watch that many movies, i like tv series better.
Favorite Music Muse, Pink, Coldplay, Blue October, just discovered Jack's Mannequin, Linkin Park, Marilyn Manson, Rent soundtrack...well, any musical soundtrack bc i'm a dork, a local band that dissolved called Caroline's Spine, 90's music, Nirvana, Garbage
Favorite Books Twilight series, Harry Potter, Stephanie Plum novels, Nora Roberts books, anything with good smut scenes.

Please describe how you could take the peel off an apple all in one go:

does it count if i use my teeth? or a homeless guy?