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Gender Male
Occupation Freedom Fighter
Location United States
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Introduction I'm your worst nightmare! What else do you need to know!
Interests Stopping the Overlord Obama With our Votes! After all I am the Loyal Opposition.
Favorite Movies DeathRace 2000, Any James Bond Movie and Bambi
Favorite Music John Denver
Favorite Books Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, The Lord of The Rings, The Children of Hurin by JRR Tolkien, His Excellency George Washington, Founding Brothers, American Creation by Joseph Ellis, Thermopylae the Battle for the West by Ernle Bradford, The Lesson of History by Will Durant, Tesle Man Out of Time by Margaret Cheney, The History of Political Theory by Garrett Ward Sheldon, The Devil in the White City By Erik Larson, Prisoners of the Japanese By Gavan Daws, Citizen Soldiers By Stephen Ambrose, Enemy at the Gates By William Craig, Hitlers Last Gamble By Trevor Dupuy, Anzio By LLoyd Clark, A special Mission By Dan Kurzman, The Spertans By Paul Cartledge, Six Armies in Normandy By John Keegan, Manhunt the 12 day chase for Lincoln's Killer By James Swanson, While in the Hands of the Enemy By Charles Sanders

Do you have the guts to Vote Obama out in the next election?? Or will you let a Man who thinks he's bigger then his office ruin this country??? Well...Do you??