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Introduction In the mid 1990s I was teaching creative writing courses at a community college when the tech boom happened. Next thing I knew technology firms were paying me to write full-page advertisements in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. But I never forgot about my days writing stories and working with students on narrative development. The more time I spent working with industry, the better I understood that a good narrative was about the best thing a company, or any organization, could have going for it. After the boom went bust I took my writing craft and my narrative skills and peddled them on the open market. Then, after years of freelancing I joined Oracle Publishing as a Senior Editor and have never been happier. It is, however, a little bittersweet to spend time with the smart, passionate people at Oracle and then boil that interaction down into a few quotes to fit a story. This blog is my attempt to capture and present all the great stuff -- the white board sessions, the personalities, and the stories -- that makes up the narrative behind the latest Oracle tech announcement.