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Occupation medicine show and snake oil salesman, ten in one talker, auctioneer for pigs in pokes, surgical removal of the stone of folly, orgone bottler, head cook and bottle washer
Location Rochester, New York, United States
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Introduction A completely authentic purveyor of fine lineamants and balms for the wounded soul. This product is guaranteed to cure all boils and pestilence, is a certified vermifuge and blood tonic. It sets to right all nervous troubles and dyspetic conditions. It is compounded of the finest east-indian cobra venom and a secret mixture of mystical herbs and essences. It is guaranteed 100 per cent authentic by the Herbal Bitters Medicine Company (tm) and the Kickapoo Elders. It contains the distilates of electricity and of the aether, the quintessence, recipe as provided in the twelve keys of Basil Valentine. A most wondrous pain destroying compound to be applied externally in the treatment of rheumatism, neuralgia, sciatica, lame back, lumbago, toothace, sprains , swellings, and excess of black bile. Accept no imitations.
Interests being an exploration into the muddy waters of literary pretension, the practice of arcane and disued arts not entirely dissimilar to the dipensation of:, patent medicines, or, mayhap, a smithy or repairer of clockworks. This continued exploration of measured futility may at various times touch upon divers subjects, to whit:, magnetic fluids, dissproved notions of energy transmission, the aether, discarded cosmologies, hollow earth, flat earth, earth centric, the sky as the dome of a skull, the multiple universe theory, forged grimoires of the 1600's, barbarous tongues of evocation, the gift of the pentecost, the cadaver synod, the folklore of appalachia, cryptozoological marvels, demonology, carlo ginzburg, pope joan, quasi scientific theories, orgone treatments and reichian brou-ha-ha, banjo, accordian, gut bucket bass, hillbilly and race records, dante, blake, patchen, dunn, quasimasonic initiatory ritual, Hildegaard of Bingen, the green children, the illustrations of Harry Clarke, the juniper tree, the devil's sooty brother, the work of Christopher Marlowe, earthworks and the southern death cult, bears, unicycles, fire, bones, dust, et. al.