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Introduction Everyone has an opinion. Anyone with network access can make a blog to write these down. If you agree, then I've helped you. If you feel as if you've learned something, then I've helped you. If you disagree, I've still helped you--because you've thus been able to more sharply define yourself. The only way I'll not be helpful to anyone who reads my stuff is if it makes no impression on them at all. If you take the time and effort to alert me that I've made no impression on you, you're lying. I made enough of an impression for you to take the time and effort to tell me I made no impression on you. Does this sound egotistical? It ought to. This is a blog. Blogs are all about egotism. After all, it's not as if the vast majority of people with blogs were tracked down by a publisher and had to be convinced to write. Final warning: Any feedback that I consider worthy of comment or ridicule runs the risk of being commented on or ridiculed--on the blog, not in email. Any choropleth maps I make use the googleVis package for the R Project for Statistical Computing