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Introduction I’m a young aspiring author, and I have a huge number of stories and ideas floating around in my head. Quite a few of those stories are erotic, and I wanted to find a way of sharing them with the world too. However, I’m a little wary about having a CV full of erotica. So I came up with a clever idea. I will write and regularly update an anonymous, erotic blog; a sort of dump of all that literary pornography floating around my head. I will stay anonymous though, and there is a good reason. That way, I can be everyone’s fantasy. If you never know who I am, then I can be that hunky coffeeshop guy, I can be that sexy girl at work, that gym instructor or the stranger that caught your eye and your imagination on the train. Hell, shut your eyes and wish real hard and I can be Megan Fox or Ryan Reynolds. I will try and cater to most or all likes - kinky, vanilla, romantic, detached, hard, soft; whether you like it tender and gentle, or fast and filthy, I will try and write enough so that everyone has something they can favourite. Feel free to message or comment, with requests, comments, constructive criticism, or even just a friendly hello. I hope you enjoy the site.