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Gender Male
Industry Technology
Occupation Software Development and Business Management
Location Bangalore / Hyderabad, India
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Introduction I do Web development, using Django on my Ubuntu system at Agiliq. is my personal blog where I write about any of the things that I want to remember about. You should check out my company blog where my colleagues and I write about some awesome stuff on django. Google, Microsoft, and other interesting people have linked to posts I wrote. Some are on top of Proggit and HN too.

Goes without saying that I love web development, python and django. I also like reddit and xkcd. I like to fancy complicated work on Excel formulas as my "Lisp experience" ;)

I also love racing (bikes and cars, both). Altho' it seems like, my best is in the past, I think I can better all of them, on a right occasion.

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Interests Motorsport, Swimming, Diving, Programming, Algorithms, Rubiks Cube, Sudoku, Philosophy
Favorite Movies The Golden Eye, Matrix series, All Bond Movies, F.R.I.E.N.D.S. very much.
Favorite Music Post Rock - Triesteza, Linkin Park, Bryan Adams
Favorite Books Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, Surely you are joking Mr.Feynman, Atlas Shrugged, Alchemist, Jonnnathan Livingston Seagull, Google Story, Story of Philosphy, Monk who sold his Ferrari, Fountainhead, Hidden Connections(capra), Alchemist Five point someone, Jonathan Livingston Seagull(Bach), Da Vanci code, Angels and Demons, World is Flat, Brief History of time.