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Introduction I have had MS for almost two years now. MS-The a place where I am going to keep it real about how MS really feels and how much it sucks. Sometimes, you just need to say it and let's face one wants to hear it or hear you say this is where I'm going to say it and those of you who need a place to voice it can say it too. I want to be very clear...I am very thankful for all of my good days...for all of the advances that medicine has done thus far...this blog is a place to whine for me. To complain about the aches, pains, and general crap that goes along with this disease. If you don't want to read it...then please don't. Don't send me emails to tell me it will be ok...I know it is. I put on my roses and rainbows smiles 99.9% of the time. I know I will be ok. This is my place to vent. So allow me that.
Interests Mother, Wife, Educator, Health Care, Music, Comedy, Books, and Movies

Why do people have a need to say they feel that too? No...really, you don't. have no idea. Really...please don't act like you have a clue...unless you are another MSer who is suffering the same fate as I.