Jessica Potter

About me

Industry Technology
Occupation givin up the cash for some dizzy disco sex trash
Location Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Introduction "It's never too late to have a happy childhood." - Tom Robbins
Interests the proletariat chariot, alex de la iglesia, alternative comics, angstier than thou, apocalipstick, atrocity tourism, b-movies, bad craziness, barry gifford, bendis, bill hader, bill hicks, bitter bouncy ball, bob odenkirk, butter pecan coffee, cadillac lounge, canadian language debates, cheesy evil villains, chicago blues, chip zdarsky, crime suspenstories, dan brereton, doom patrol, dr. fate, draccoons, ec comics, emotional intelligence, epic comics, eugene mirman, evan dorkin, f for fake, fado, father ted, film noir, five minutes mr. welles, freckles, goons, grant morrison, grendel, horror comedy, hot merging action, independent films, indie music, industrial music, jack chick, jack kirby, jay johnston, jessica jones, joe mad, john dee, kids in the hall, kill your boyfriend, knitting, kyle baker, linguistics, lowbrow art, mcsweeney's, mike nelson, mortuary art, mr. show, ncc-1701-d, necrolepsy, ni hao, nick cave, nummy muffin cocoa butter, oingo boingo, orson welles, patton oswalt, pearls before swine, peter gabriel, planetary, polka dots, prison funnies, r.e.m., ray caesar, road trips, rockabilly, sam kieth, sarah silverman, sarcasm, second-wave feminism
Favorite Movies just the good ones, as for tv, frisky dingo, space ghost, night court, boston legal, mr show, mst3k
Favorite Music rod torfulson's armada featuring herman menderchuck, my life with the thrill kill kult, electric hellfire club, electric six, elvis costello, tori amos, r.e.m., dead can dance, futuristic sex robots, peter gabriel, bluegrass, classic country, skinny puppy, the pixies, the rheostatics, joy division, curtis mayfield, aretha franklin, pj harvey, jane's addiction, nick cave, foetus, kate bush, pigface, the revolting cocks, paul simon, tom lehrer, the blues brothers, the detroit cobras, the specials, the dead milkmen, siouxsie and the banshees, oh and 1000 homo dj's was a really good album
Favorite Books OJ Simpson's "If I Did It"