dropdead super handsome Pring.

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Gender MALE
Industry Education
Location Singapore
Introduction What do you think of me? I am not bothered. Unless you are someone close, I shall not accept your hypothesis of what you assume I am. :)

I believe in treating people the way I want them to treat me. If you speak nicely to me, I'd be nicer. If you start cursing like a twit, I'd attempt to join you as soon as I manage to stifle my laughter.

Some people say I'm sweet, others say I'm cute. However, I think I'm a combination of both and much more! :D Haha!
0.0001% would call me bUaY hIaO bAi w0rX, they are the ones who absolutely have no sense of humour. :(
Favorite Movies The Exorcist, Independence Day, Band of Brothers
Favorite Books Misery -Stephen King, Sons of Fortune -Jeffrey Archer