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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Journal Editor :: Comtract Writer & Project Manager
Location Seattle, Washington
Introduction I accidentally created two profiles on Blogger. Whoops. This is because I'm an email separatist. I have an address for my writing world, my mothering world, my friends world, my work world, my junk mail world... I am not however, a food separatist. Finding flavors that marry and meld is fun... I spent half my life overseas (Uganda, Morocco, Belgium, Thailand) and now more than half my life in the U.S. of A... I was the arm wrestling champ of my 5th and 6th grade class - boys and girls included. It was a vital piece of my personal identity... I'd like to live in a house made of straw and mud. Surrounded by good friends... I'm surprised at how, mostly, I'm a pretty good mom... The sound of TV commercials or radio ads makes me gnash my teeth... I can do the Bird of Paradise yoga pose with freaky ease. I can do the Crow with marginal success, which pisses me off in an un-yoga-like manner... I'd like to be reborn as a gospel singer... I don't drink coffee. It hurts my stomach and makes my head echo. But I like the smell... I love bacon. People seem to assume I’m a vegetarian. Probably because I want to live in a house made of mud and straw and grow food.
Interests Read, putter, Find a patch of sunshine in the house, curl up in it with a good book and a blanket, Feel my eyes get heavy and know that I have time for a nap, Laugh with friends, Ride my bike, Use my scissors or pens and papers to create, Be outside in the fresh air, Swim in the cool waters of Priest Lake
Favorite Movies American Beauty, Memento, Monster, Braveheart, O Brother Where Art Thou, Grease, Dead Man Walking, Protagonist
Favorite Music The Clash, old Madness, Michael Franti, most any world beats & fusion—especially African. Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, U2 and the Police definitely stand the test of time though I don't listen to them frequently.
Favorite Books Most any Margaret Atwood, Anna Quindlen, Emily Dickenson, Kinsolver's Prodigal Summer, Recent favorite nonfiction: Falling Through the Earth by Danielle Trussoni, Lucky by Alice Sebold, Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight by A Fuller, Amos & Boris by William Steig is my all-time-favorite (kids) book

Bonus question: If you could have the answer to one question about the mystery of life and our wild universe - what would you ask?