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Gender MALE
Industry Manufacturing
Location Amagasaki, Hyogo, Japan
Introduction Hi! I'm AEZ. I'm Japanese. I think that I become to be able to speak,read and write English. So,I started to study English by myself. I write this by English and Japanese. If you find strange parts of my writing, give me advice, please. どうも!僕はAEZ。日本人です。 英語を話せて、読めて、書けるようになりたいと思ってます。そこで、独学で英語の勉強を始めました。 僕はこのブログを英語と日本語で書いています。もし、僕の書いた文章でおかしなところを見つけたら、アドバイスしてください。お願いします。
Interests English, books, movies, music, camera, photo, Japan, America, Japanese culture, American culture, tradition, football, soccer, joke, tips, computer, PC, internet, blog, web design, stationery, moleskine, occult, UFO, super natural
Favorite Movies American Graffiti, Street of fire, Big Wednesday, Back Draft, ALIEN, Six Sense, The Mist
Favorite Music Pops, Rock, Reggae, R&B, House, Trance, Hip Hop, Billy Joel, Carpenters, Ne-Yo, Travis, BOOWY, Hamada Shogo, Sano Motoharu, Ohtaki Eiichi
Favorite Books Catcher In The Rye