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Industry Education
Occupation special ed
Location mcallen, texas, United States
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Introduction Im a special education teacher and a mother of one little girl who was diagnosed late with PKU (a condition where protein cannot be broken down and without proper diet builds up in the blood stream, essentially becoming toxic to the brain). I have devoted myself entirely to her recovery which is going amazingly. She is a miracle from God, and if you stick around you can watch it unfold.
Interests occupational therapy, televison, editing, film, graphic design, PKU, infantile spasms, west syndrome, neurology, christianity, speech therapy, genetics, metabolics, neuroplasticity, humor, phenylketunoria, gourmet cooking, cooking, chef, time management
Favorite Movies sense and sensibility, elizabeth town, amelie, while you were sleeping
Favorite Books bible, autobiography of frederick douglass, anne of green gables, jane austen, wuthering heights

You're going to the moon! What did you forget to pack?

My tooth brush! Oh no! Wait, there's no water on the moon... Oh well.