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Occupation Doctor.
Introduction My take on why being infertile sucks. A view from a medically qualified one half of the quoted ‘one in six’ couples who get a rude shock that sex doesn’t actually always = babies as per high school biology. Neither does what looked liked a healthy pregnancy, necessarily. We found that out the hard way when our first assisted conception was diagnosed with anencephaly. My journey of infertility treatments, surprise success and what happens after snatching defeat from the jaws of victory with a heartbreaking fatal birth defect. After several years of frustration and loss, a veritable soup of ART technology and enough public exposure of my girly bits to last a lifetime, our third IVF transfer has lead to twin girls…... Hoping for my happily ever after. Failing that, hoping to survive child rearing twin-style, the future spectre of secondary infertility and simultaneously dragging myself through some sort of career