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Gender Female
Introduction me. wife to justin. mom to abbie, ellie, eden, & ammon. daughter. sister. aunt. niece. cousin. friend. teacher. student. artist. me.
Interests WELCOME TO MY 3-RING CIRCUS. Well, circuses are fun, right?! I guess if you’re not the lion tamer around lunch time, or the guy who cleans up the elephant poop. But, I figure someone’s gotta do it. We can’t all swing on the trapeze all day...or can we? Is that an option? For me, I feel like one of those tight-rope walkers. I have this big old stick up there, which is suppose to help me balance, but really there’s just lots of stuff piled on both ends...ready to send me to a certain death if I don’t keep it balanced. I know--nice balancing stick, eh? Some days I feel like just dropping the stick and all it’s “stuff”...but then I wonder if it really is the “stuff” that keeps me balanced after all. What happens if you don’t use the stick? You must need it to stay balanced because they all have one, right? At the end of the day, who wouldn’t rather walk through the sky than be a pooper-scooper? I think I’ll stick with my stick.
Favorite Movies My Fair Lady, Finding Neverland, Pride & Prejudice