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Occupation Ruling the World
Location South bound 65, United States
Introduction I am an only child, born on Christmas Day, involved, semi-snobby, am spiteful but not vindictive, a brunette, wouldn't be caught dead without lipstick, prefers Nikki Sixx over most anyone, semi-pro blogger, loves a very dirty martini, digs dirty rocker guys, lover of dimples, cleans semi-obsessively, loves handbags, dog lover and am a question asker extraordinaire.
Interests Dirty rocker boys, dirty rocker boys with dimples or dimples only, ridiculously expensive handbags, your relationship drama & world peace.
Favorite Movies The Color Purple, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Gone with the Wind, P.S. I Love You, You've Got Mail, Surviving Christmas, Sex and the City, The Family Stone, Wedding Crashers, Rhinestone (I know)
Favorite Music 80's & 90's, belly rubbin', big hair bands, heavy metal, classic rock, old school rap
Favorite Books Any from the PostSecret series, 150 Love Letters You Were Never Meant To See, My Horizontal Life, Are You There Vodka? Its me Chelsea, The Dirt, The Heroine Diaries, I Love You, Ronnie.

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