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Gender Female
Occupation Quilter
Location Asheville, NC, United States
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Introduction I am new to quilting but have loved to sew since I was a child. I am an avid reader and tv watcher, which is great since I tend to have the tv on as background while I cut fabric and plan out patterns. I love sewing in general. I like all styles (Modern, traditional, applique, embroidery, etc...) I like trying new things. I've made purses, quilts, pillows, wall art. And hope to eventually attempt clothing and wool toys and so much more!!
Interests I bake. Love to try new recipes. I tend to like doing all my baking from scratch, whether it's apple pie or brownies. I'm a traditionalist that way :) Dancing, pool, darts, hiking. Love the outdoors, but have the cursed pale Irish skin, which means I burn VERY easily. So outdoor happenings must include shade at some point or blistering will occur. And that's not pretty, not pretty at all.
Favorite Movies I tend to watch a lot of action movies. A carry over of watching westerns and army movies with my dad, when Star Trek wasn't on. I like romantic dramas, and comedies too.
Favorite Music hmmm here's a tricky spot... I always hear how everyone is eclectic and likes all kinds of music. I guess for me that holds true if there's a good beat to dance to or a nice voice to sing along with... preferably one that can drown out my own warble. ;)
Favorite Books Books are my life blood. Seriously. Take away tv if you have to but don't touch my books. I can be pretty solitary and books are my entry into exciting places where I don't have to risk life and limb, but still be rewarded with all the joys and excitement of some great plots and characters.