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Occupation Orphan, traveler, adventuress
Introduction My parents died before I ever took my first step, and I lived my whole life at St. Anne's Home for Impecunious and Orphaned Girls. On my eighteenth birthday, I went out into the world to track down any living relatives that might exist, but have been somewhat waylaid from my quest. I have survived all manner of interesting (and sometimes dangerous!) situations, but I still hold out hope of finding my family (and, perhaps, true love along the way)! I shall use all my wit and strength to persevere, and I hope, Dear Reader, that you will join me on my adventures!
Interests reading, writing in my diary, Jack Winters, egg salad sandwiches, bright colours, cool streams, clouds, new boots, making gloves
Favorite Movies I have only ever seen one moving-picture show in my life, when a wealthy man bestowed upon the girls of the orphanage the gift of a viewing at the tumble-down theatre across town. I cannot remember the subject of the show, only that the hero was devastatingly handsome (almost as much so as darling Jack Winters), and the heroine painfully beautiful. They lived happily all their days, or so the text at the end of the show said, scrolling up in beautiful looping letters.
Favorite Music As with moving-pictures, I have had little experience with music other than the stolid hymns sung by teacher and pupil alike in the orphanage temple every morn and eve. However, I dearly hope my horizons shall be broadened on my journey.
Favorite Books Oh, a mother could sooner choose a favourite child than I a favourite book! I am particularly fond of the one-copper romances, though Miss P___ has dreadful things to say about novels. I kept the few I owned tucked deep beneath my mattress, and now they are all packed in the very bottom of my trunk. The newspaper serials are quite good as well, when I can get ahold of a newspaper.

Please describe how you could take the peel off an apple all in one go:

*I* certainly couldn't, though I saw a man in town once who could. He was a beggar and a thief, but I watched him when Miss P___'s back was turned. His knife was sharp and bright, and he turned the apple in one hand, red sliding off in a slender spiral to reveal white, tender flesh beneath. He looked up at me with a smile, and I shivered and turned away, my heart fluttering wildly. Most thrilling!