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Gender Female
Industry Communications or Media
Location Davis, California, United States
Introduction A UC Davis graduate in International Relations with a minor in Sociology, Shawna works as a receptionist at an anthropological research group and writes in her free time. She hopes to dedicate 2013 to shopping less, instead spending that time and energy on more worthwhile endeavors like spreading good will by doing one good deed per day and embarking on new and exciting adventures. Enjoy!
Interests Human Rights, Feminism, World Peace, Unconditional Love, Pure Happiness, Interdependent Individuality, Serendipity, Karma, Sunflower Fields, Big Cities, Gerbera Daisies, Butterflies, Husky Puppies, Sunlight, Stargazing, Chocolate, Pomegranates, Cookie Dough, Brownies, Cowboy Boots, Sparkles, Ferragamo Perfume, Girly Dresses

If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?

Would this be a dinner with others? If so, battle-gear. I'd wear a full suit of armor with a bullet proof vest underneath, maybe some chainmail. Some brass knuckles, iron-toe boots, you know, the usual. If, on the other hand, I was the guest of honor and the meal was already made, probably a cute little black dress in celebration of, well, a funeral.