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Introduction My name is Adelle. I'm an nineteen year old girl, autodidatic, smart (I hope) and a little bit messed up- but who isn't? This is not a pro-ana or pro-anorexic blog. This blog does not promote any eating disorder. It is only a blog to talk about what I'm feeling. Do not take anything said in this blog as advice, a tip, a trick, or whatever. I am not responsible for any harm you do to your own body. However, if you are harming yourself, find the strength to seek medical help. Any eating disorder or desire to develop an eating disorder is serious and very harmful to your health. I've been through a roller coaster ride when it comes to eating and weight loss/gain, and my attitudes have changed several times. All I can do is keep writing, keep living, and keep trying to be what I want to be. I believe that everybody is beautiful, and I am not disgusted with what I see in the mirror. I don't know what I see. Current- 136.5 Goal 1- 148 (April 11, 2012) Goal 2- 145 (April 2012) Goal 3- 140 (May 2012) Goal 4- 138 (June 8, 2012) Goal 5- 132 Final Goal- 128
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