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Industry Chemicals
Occupation it's my job to instill some romance in said chemicals in order to generate the next big emo band...
Location bournemouthland, :D, United Kingdom
Introduction I am more vain about fake moustaches than I ever have been about makeup, and at times of great distress I find myself conversing with puddles, I despise empty plug sockets with the smug little switch turned on powering nothing, it needs to be turned off immediately... and why do biscuits only have chocolate on one side and why are rapper's love interests always short or "shawt" and why can't I stop listening to Toots & Maytals, I'll tell you why, their gargling happiness like crunching stones in a driveway makes me realise that is why people were given voices. Life is something which I don't understand, I don't understand myself or why I am how I am. Other people are far more confusing though, and let's leave it at that.
Interests travel, writing, the sky, plays, poetry, ideas, winter, films, food, screenplays, comedy, spoken word FOLLOWED BY music. they're two completely contrasting ideas which go beautifully. if you listen to spoken word and then music, it is like listening to the music for the first time, your senses are heightened and you listen so much more intently. listening is another interest of mine.