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Occupation Thinking Knitters
Location Lafayette, IN, United States
Introduction It might be an understatement to say that we like to knit. Knitting is part of who we are. We like the comfort of a favorite sock pattern but we also like to try new things. We send a lot of things to the frog pond (which is where knitted fabric goes when you 'rip-it.')We love the texture of crisply knit stitches and we trust the comfort of wool on our needles. We love the satisfaction of a project that ends the way we wanted it to--but we have dozens (nay possibly hundreds) of others that may never become what we originally had in mind. Our knitting usually has something to teach us.
Interests Knitting, yarn, occasional spinning, and...yarn
Favorite Movies Pirates of the Carribean: the Quest for the Black Purl; Knit Trek; The Zimmermann Code; K-Women: The Last Row; The Knitrix; Crochet Wars Episode IV A New Hope
Favorite Books Knitting Around, The Opinionated Knitter, Knitter's Workshop, Knitting Without Tears; Knitter's Almanac; Knitting Rules; the Yarn Harlot; At Knit's End