Andie Michael

About me

Introduction Andie Michael is a life-long student of psychology, sociology and metaphysics and a social philosopher. Joking that she was born with a pen in her hand and paper nearby, she has always written, but let the busy-ness of daily life get in the way of pursuing a career as a writer. Now, after years in entertainment production and distribution – and of encouraging others to do what they love – she finally decided to take her own advice and do just that. Andie has written a heart-warming non-fiction book about a very special dog, opinion columns, screenplays, poetry, advertising copy and synopses for DVD releases. She is an extremely empathetic person, and she brings that empathy to her writing, which is primarily geared toward encouraging a better understanding between people. She is currently finishing a memoir and working on several other projects including a regular column to be combined with a non-fiction book, two plays and a book of essays on spirit.