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Industry Education
Occupation Academic Healthcare Professor
Introduction As an academic, health care professional, and aerobics instructor, I have come to realize that all walks of life have beauty to offer. My faith, closest relationships, and doing things I love to do provide the driving force and bring joy in the journey. When I was in Jr. High as a close family member struggled with mental illness, I wrote: "I believe it is in fully experiencing the difficulties, sadness, and challenges in life, that we fully come to realize the joys; for the challenges can make or break us, and through them we can learn, grow, and fully realize the joys in the journey. For those visitors and friends that stop by, I wish you joy, and I pray you may find beauty in every step of your journey. My personal and professional mission in life it to live life to the fullest, love fervently, and to strive to make a positive difference.
Interests adventure, aerobics, allen asbury, art, australia, beauty, biking, boating, brain teasers, brisbane, cabin, canadian rockies, canoe park, canoeing, carl rogers, casting crowns, catharsis, celebrations, christianity, companionship, compassion, concious use of self, conversations, creativity, cross country skiing, cuddling, dancing, dining, dynamic systems theory, empathy, eric clapton, faith, family, fellowship, fine wine, fitness, forgiveness, frankl, friend, friends for life, friendship, fun, giving, god, gratitude, group dynamics, happiness, health, heaven, hiking, holistic health, hope amidst tears, hugs, humor, impressionism, intimacy, jacuzzis, james taylor, jesus, jimmy buffet, john mellencamp, journaling, joy, key (to my heart), lakes, laughter, logistics, love, manly beach, massage, matisse, maui hawaii, meaningful occupation, mental health, mental illness, mercy me, songbirds, michael w. smith, mind-body, monet, mountains, museums, music, musicals, nature, neuroscience, nicole c. mullen, ocean, panera bread, parks, passion, peter paul and mary, philosophy, picasso, playing, poetry, positive psychology, prayer, psychology, psychosocial rehabilitation, quality of life, ralph waldo emerson, rehabilitation, retreats, rivers, robert frost, roller blading, roller skating, romance, running, sailing, scrabble, selah, service trips, shel silverstein, singing, skiing, smithsonian, soccer, social justice, social service, somebody's praying you through, song (and songbird), soul, soul dancing, spirit, spirituality, starbucks, sunsets, sydney, symbolism, søren kierkegaard, tennis, touch, trancendence, travel, unconditional love, unconditional positive regard, van gogh, volleyball, walking, water falls, wellness, wilderness, world peace, worship, writing, yoga
Favorite Movies On Golden Pond, Nell, Ghandi, Gran Torino, and Beauty and the Beast (yes, the animated version)... just to name a few!
Favorite Music I love all types of music
Favorite Books The Bible, "Handbook of the Soul"... and anything pertaining to life enhancement, spirituality, and devotion

What brings you joy?