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Introduction I am a human being like you. I DID NOT ask to be born, I DID NOT ask to be born to suffer .I DID NOT ask to be born only to suffer and then die. HOWEVER, I have discovered the truth about why people are born, why they suffer and why they die. ONE DAY God spoke to me and called me His Prodigal Son, just before Lord Jesus Christ appeared before me..SINCE that time I have had an abiding assurance of joy within my being that I am a SAVED Man. LORD JESUS CHRIST is returning soon. YOU may LEARN something you did not know if you were to read the book that is available FREE at "The Ten Commandments Were Designed For You To Enjoy And Possess Life". AFTER all, we are all prodigals who have not obeyed our Heavenly Father at some time. EVEN if we are not aware of our Heavenly Father, like children born without a human father, we still really want to connect and learn how much our Father really loves us.
Interests Learn more about Lord Jesus Christ. Longevity. Truth.
Favorite Movies It's A Wonderful Life