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Location Spanish Fork, Utah
Introduction Currently, I am the Relief Society President in my LDS ward, which means I am suppose to help minister to all the other women in my church congregation. It's a real challenge since so many of the people you work with have it so much more together than myself! Despite this being a big, scary job, I love being RSP! I'll only do this job for a couple years, but I hope the time is spent in a way that is pleasing unto the Lord. After hearing a lesson about good leaders and how they don't ask people to do things that they themselves aren't trying to do also, I thought I really can't be encouraging people to read their scriptures when I am not doing so hot myself. Even though I know I should and I know they should. Wa La! This blog is created to help me get better at following God's commandments--nothing like a little public accountability for motivation. And since I am an optimistic person, maybe it could even encourage someone else along the way.