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Occupation Social Work in Refugee Affairs
Location United States
Introduction Welcome to my blog. Follow along with me as I turn the pages to my Life Story. Well part of it. Anyhow, I am a convert to Islam. I love being a muslim and worshiping my Lord in the best possible way. I love to study about my religion. I also like to study other religions & world history in general. Anyhow, I hope I am not too boring and that I do gather up some readers who enjoy reading me.
Interests Going to classes, attending halaqa's & lectures, reading, and learning. I like to watch the history channel alot, and Peace TV
Favorite Movies Pride & Prejudice, You've Got Mail, The Message, The Bear, .
Favorite Music I am not gonna lie. I like to listen to music from time to time. As long as it isn't nasty and vulgar.
Favorite Books I love when a book has a story line. Thanks to the American & Disney world culture, many of us here need to have a story line to keep us entertained and focused on a book

Your bow is not broken but you've run out of arrows. How can you fake being a bard?

Well in medieval times a bard was a poet. And since I am not too good at thinking up poems off the top of my head, maybe I could just recite some Quran. Ya think that would work?