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Gender Male
Industry Internet
Occupation Feline Fashionista
Location Castro Valley, California, United States
Introduction I am looking fur sponsors, so if yer interested, emale me: skeezix *AT* skeezixthecat *DOT* com. I was born the runt of the litter, and I'm still a scrawny little runt. Altho I'm allejidly a purebred Simeze/Balineze (I have "papers"!), I used to think maybe my mom was a ho and my dad was not the same dad that my byootiful sisters had until my best innernet frend Shabby pointed me to the Wikipedia entry for Oriental Shorthairs, and I fownd the Skeezix Family, including my twin, Mighty Mite. I have crossed eyes, a crook in my tale, satellite dish ears, a very lowd voice and really screwed up splotchy coloring. In short, I'm a mess. But I'm a kyoot mess. The Food Lady pikt me insted of pikking one of my byootiful sisters becuz I was spunky and outgoing and the butt-ugliest thing she'd ever seen. I make up for these shortcomings by being extremely personable, affekshunit and funny. Every morning, I lik Mr Tasty Face's tasty face to thank him for letting me stay. And I'm lucky becuz I have a big bruther, Mao, who teeches me things like how to be a picky eeter and how to project my voice frum the bottom of the stares to wake everybody up. Mao's the best big bruther in the entire werld.
Interests napping, eating lots, napping, playing with the tinsel wand, eeting toona and Fancy Feast Sliced Turkey in Gravy, napping, yelling at the top of my lungs, chatting with my innernet frends.
Favorite Movies That Darn Cat, Thomasina, Cat Ballou, the Bond movie with Pussy Galore, The Truth about Cats and Dogs, Homeward Bound, Lady and the Tramp
Favorite Music Stray Cats, Cat Stevens, "The Year of the Cat", Magnificat, "Put Yer Cat Clothes On" by Carl Perkins
Favorite Books "Old Possum's Book of Praktikul Cats" by Tee Ess Eliut

You're wearing a sweater that stretches down to your feet. What color belt do you put on?

PINK, of korse!