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Location London, United Kingdom
Introduction Hi guys I'm Lauren, in my early 20's, Brazilian/British, I studied 3 years Biology & Engineering at UNIPAM University, before moving to London. I'm a LGBT, Atheist, capitalist, politically right wing, environmentalist & anti-Islam/theism. I'm a Paraglider, activist for equality in our sport since my teenage years, recently starting hanggliding and wingsuiting, I'm also a former falconer. I have passion for music, flying & glider design. I like outdoors sports, being in contact with nature, also like a good night out with friends & visiting my family back in Brazil. I have interest in Astronomy, Design & Green technology. I also have interest TV documentaries, singing, modelling. I follow SpaceX, Tesla Motors & AGM Applied Graphene Materials since their start. I'm a part time YouTuber. "Once one becomes an Atheist and understand her/his place in the universe, she/he will reach the highest level of consciousness" Lauren Martins 3 Words About Me: Compassionate, Just and Perfectionist.
Favorite Books "If a lucky or unlucky, animal happen to be born a free primate (human) and develop consciousness, other animals (non primates) also share the same fate, as it happened to you once, it may happen again, would you accept the unlucky possibility that "you" can be born again and develop new consciousness (totally unconnected with the past) as a different animal, but instead of free in the wild, be one of the 200 million grown per year farmed animals, in claustrophobic spaces their entire lives, with the only purpose of being slaughtered to over feed evolved primates." - Lauren Martins