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Occupation Full Time Parent, Part-Time Worker, Non-Stop Ideas
Location Walkable suburb, close to the train into the city, Where the Praire Grass Grows, United States
Introduction I'm striving to create a meaningful life and a meaningful living. I live with my hubby, Aqua Man, our eight and a half year old son, The Kid, and our lovable, portly cat, Kitty. Before You Read My Blog, A.K.A. Disclaimers and Possible Connections: I view life as a series of lessons. Sometimes it takes me way to long to "get the lesson." I am definitely flawed. I have to find the humor in life. I consider my life "in process." I am sometimes too introspective and cerebral. I adore great chocolate. I can be an overly sappy writer. I am capable of biting sarcasm. Writing brings me clarity. My escape is watching so-bad-it's-good Reality TV. I am an observer of life, relationships, and interactions. I am shy about sharing my perspectives on life. Sometimes I'm too strong, other times I'm not strong enough. Sometimes I'm too sensitive, other times I'm not sensitive enough. I have a caring nature. I'm sometimes difficult to live with. I strive to be the best parent that I can be. I believe there is always something new to learn. Hopefully, I'm lovable. This is my journey, read along if you like.
Interests Parenting and Family, Friendships, Writing, Reading, Blogging, Self-Employment, Indie Businesses, Indie Products, The Arts, Creativity, Creative Expression, Yoga, Alternative Health Practices, Spirituality, Organic Goods, Women and Work.