michele omiccioli

About me

Location Fano, Pesaro -- Urbino, Italy
Introduction For contacts or info: Rambla1981@libero.it **** Michele Omiccioli is born in Fano (PU), where he lives, in 1981. Self-taught in painting, holder of a classic studies diploma he took a degree in Modern Literature in 2005, with a degree thesis regarding the novel Corporale by Paolo Volponi, famous urbinate writer. One-man show in 2003 at “La Contea” Gallery in Fossombrone; special prize of the Jury in “La Tavolozza” V° edition art prize; that counted for him the invitation for the 69° Italian painting collective show “Italian Masters in a New Europe” held in Merum Gallery, Bratislava since October 9th to November 25th 2004. Painter and poet, he published in 2005 his first poetry collection, Decadi dell’Ovest with Gazebo Edizioni, Florence, achieving some important pronunciations by renown personalities of the italian literary world such as, among the others, the poet Valerio Magrelli and the eminent poet and literary critic Giorgio Bàrberi-Squarotti.
Interests Music, Literature, painting painting PAINTING. sleeping, looking at a window, separate the good from the evil
Favorite Movies Four houndreds shoots(F.Truffaut), Apocalypse wow (F.F.Coppola), The Old and the New (Eisensteijn - whatever way it is written!)
Favorite Music NOise rock, Barrett's PINK FLOYD the real ones, Nirvana, Kyuss, Dj Shadow and others, others, others...
Favorite Books The entire production of Paolo Volponi great italian poet and novelist. Worthy.