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Introduction I'm a mother of four, wife of one and caretaker of them all. They are the foundation of my life. It is they that make me strive to be paramount and powerful. My weaknesses are my "interests" (listed below) that break my bank and far exceed the economic value of an entire small country! I have a soft-hearted soul but an evil spirit if you cross the line. Those who try to break me, only make me that much more stronger. So "BRING IT!" ***Update: A grandma to the most adorable, most precious and the handsomest baby boy in the entire universe. By the way, his name is Nyjah.
Interests Purple, Cupcakes, lavender, baking, Cookies, Books, Egyptology, Feng Shui, PHI, Hello Kitty, Chai latte, Lemax villages, Gingerbread men decor, Creating bath and body products, Making candles, Gothic Metal, Peter Steele, Type O Negative, Motley Crue, 80's Metal, Astrology