About me

Location Texas, United States
Introduction This blog started out as a way to "play out my dream of living on a farm", it has since evolved into a true fulfillment for more sustainable living. For using what God has given us, instead of taking it for granted. For knowing where my food is coming from, and knowing that we grew it ourselves. For finding new ways to recycle items instead of "buying new." For experimenting with techniques I've come across from other blogs. This is where I will chronicle those successes and failures in raising chickens, vegetables, fruits and flowers on just less than a 1 acre plot. A big Texas "Thank You" to those of you who have blogs that I "stalk...ummm...visit" regularly for providing great information and ideas!
Interests Growing yummy veggies and all areas of backyard homesteading, trying out new recipes, raising my flock of 9 chikky-babies, reading, quilting, my family and friends.