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Occupation homemaking goddess
Introduction There is a really good chance that you are here staring at my little old blog because you googled "Why do I over think?" I wish I had all the answers for you about over thinking but I don't. I do know that we over thinkers get a really bad rap. All the under thinkers claim that we have issues and of course that is so not true:)If only they would over think it they would understand :) You see we only over think things we do not understand. Yes, I know there are some things we may never understand but trust me you will know when it is time to stop thinking about those things you will never understand :) So if I were you I would not fret about overthinking and definitely not try to fix it just embrace who you are and have a good laugh about your need to understand everything you possibly can :) And who am I to give you advice on over thinking? Um...well no one really :) Just a mom of seven in her 40's who loves to write about the things she over thinks :)
Interests gardening, hiking, reading, entertaining, traveling, cleaning, organizing and of course blogging.
Favorite Movies A Room With A View, Spanglish, Clueless, Strictly Ballroom, Better Off Dead
Favorite Music Dashboard Confessional, Blue October, Snow Patrol, Sara Barielles, Hellogoodbye, Christina Perri, The Killers, ....oh help, I cannot stop listing my favorites. I guess I truly love all music....with country being last on the list but still on the list!!
Favorite Books So hard to limit myself to a few favorites. I LOVE to read. But a few favorite authors...Wallace Stegner, Jane Austen, David McCullough, Willa Cather, Irving Stone.