BeBe Blazfemi

About me

Gender Female
Occupation TBD
Location DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles), California, United States
Introduction I think the title & header of my blog describe it well enough...
Interests The list of things I WANT to do here in CA, esp. in the LA area, is ENDLESS, and I'm hoping to be able to do all of them before my brain realizes my body can't anymore, Pain isn't an "interest" but IS more of a "job" than a hobby, internet, all things medical from anatomy to pharmaceuticals & their associated problems, city-biking, swimming, reading, writing, talking, talking, talking, MUSIC, singing, attempting to teach myself to play songs on piano, guitar and ukulele...
Favorite Movies "Fight Club, " "The Matrix" movies, "Old Boy, " "Amadeus, " "Everything is Illuminated, " "Gamer, " "The Social Network, " "Triangle, " "Pirates of the Silicon Valley." "God Bless America, " "Ichi the Killer, " "Fulltime Killer, " "Flow, " "King Corn, " "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, " "Memoirs of a Geisha, " "Ju-On 1 & 2" "House of Flying Daggers, " usually, unless they're documentaries or foreign, especially Japanese, Korean or Chinese, I think most of them suck it.
Favorite Music My tastes change FREQUENTLY but these are some current or constant favorites. AMANDA "FUCKING" PALMER, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Etta James, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Chris Cornell, The Black Keys, Portishead, Nina Simone, Muse, The Dresden Dolls, Gogol Bordello, Cage the Elephant, Coldplay, RATM, Jack White... Spoon, Massive Attack