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Location London, Utopia, United Kingdom
Introduction Hello, my name is Boy Burns, A love child of a year of traveling this world with only Boy George and Pete Burns biographies to read. I used to have a fanzine called "Breeding the different race" It sold about 13 copies at rough trade record shop in covent garden. I wrote it because I wasn't able to find any interviews or pictures of the bands that I really loved. I felt that I was being brainwashed to only like the same music that everyone else listened to and idolize the same people as everyone else did. That was in 1997. 13 Years later. The second edition is not cut and paste and a photocopier, but online! I have no idea what will come next, interviews, videos, inspiration, I just had the same feeling this morning looking at other blogs and that you weren't getting to hear or see the good stuff I want you to experience. This next decade gives us a goldmine of possibilities of different ways of thinking and living and listening, I will be celebrating the greatest unique exotic and extinct species of artist and animal to give you some fire to be the next person to start making the future a brighter more fantastic paradise. x BoyBurns x 30/12/09
Favorite Music Kate Bush, Micachu, The Breeders, Stereolab, Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, Pete Burns, CocoRosie, Meredith Monk, Philip Glass, Tori Amos, Jim Moray, Laura Marling, Aphex Twin, Lucia Pamela, RuPaul, Bjork, P J Harvey, The Rachels, BowWowWow, Lo-fi-Fnk, Rowdy Superstar