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Introduction I am merely a girl, trying to find her way in life. But if you look closer, you will see my fingers are stained with ink from the aimless doodles that cover every blank page and margin, and from the furious scribbling that fill the pages of my numerous notebooks. You will notice that I burst out singing at random times, am extremely absent-minded, and laugh way too easily. I read avidly, write fiercely, love passionately, and hate bitterly. The Bible is the source of my peace--and I am a sinner saved by the mercy of God's grace. I feel naked without my camera, and everywhere I look, I see possible snapshots that could have been taken. My pen is my weapon, my camera is my companion--and beauty is my inspiration. I am, as L. M. Montgomery put it, "an eternal slave to beauty". I spend most of my time gazing at the curtain that separates the natural from the supernatural—but at times, at times, the curtain is lifted. These moments I live for.
Interests God, my faith, Christianity, writing, photography, reading, dancing, acting, singing, drawing, studying the Bible, editing/changing plots, playing outside, talking on the phone, having sleepovers, writing in my diary, blogging, writing/ checking emails, painting my nails, taking pictures, goofing off, reading blogs, chatting, my youth group, doing stuff with my church, talking with my mentor, etc...