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Gender Male
Industry Arts
Occupation Photographer
Location Long Island, NY, United States
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Introduction currently a professional photographer and until 1996 worked in the pre-press color trade. When his career in that business came to an end, he went off in pursuit of the latent image for newspapers, fine art, and school yearbooks. In 2004 he found his skills as a film photographer transiting to a new level, a change brought on by the digital age...
Interests decaffeinated water, professional miniature golf, azalea gymnastics, Heterogeneous nucleation, Japanese re-animation, synchronized gardening, competitive scissor racing, flanges and hasps, quelling kvelling, blank media, articulated busses, actuarial metal-detecting, solo co-dependency, riveted girders, lichen-covered gravesites, anchovy farming, elevator baseball, having an interest in interests that no other Bloggers have an interest in, militant apostrophing, root clauses, parallax parking, aggressive-passivity, astroturf reweaving and reconstruction, wrestling mat refinishing, furniture restarting, reptile dysfunction, full-tilt gospel, halfway housing starts, quarter-horse relay racing, eighth-note fractionals, sixteenth-centurions, quoin collecting, downhill snowshoeing, quilted stainless steel, reverse dynamics, soft-serve chicken, rhode rage, asterisks and rewards