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Location Midlands, United Kingdom
Interests Textiles, Mixed media, Ancient Civilisations, Vintage, Shabby Chic, Bohemian, Cooking, Gardening, Cats, Ceramics
Favorite Movies Moonstruck, Amelie, The Field, Gladiator, Transporter, Push, 500 days of summer, Last of the Mohicans
Favorite Music Kings of Leon, Faithless, Lenny Kravitz, Einauldi, Whitesnake, Kings of Convenience, Pearl Jam, Led Zepplin, Neil Young, Deep Purple, the Black Keys, Rush
Favorite Books Pride and Prejudice, The Passage

If mud is dirt plus water, what is clay?

Just the question for an ex potter, lol. Do you want the technical terms or what? Clay is colloidal platelets and is an absolute joy to work with! (I spit on air hardening 'clay')