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About me

Location Massachusetts, United States
Introduction Welcome to Zest and Leisure! I am a Bengali and at present staying in US. I love to cook, is an amateur photographer and also an avid music lover. I listen to all types of music, be it Rabindrasangeet or classical, old movie song or R&B. I have always fancied sharing my experiences with you all. But was skeptical if I will be able to invest so much time in a blog, as I have a day job. I do cook a lot, but not always have time to photograph it properly (one that will showcase it like you see otherwise). Most of the times, I try to keep my recipes simple. I also experiment with different types of cuisine, some of which are not always simple. I intend to use this blog as my personal diary, one where I will share my experience with different recipes, my travelogues and at times photo albums. I will share recipes that I have learnt from my mom, mother-in-law and those that I have learnt from other magazines/shows/food blogs. I must admit that my husband has been constant motivation towards this blog. Thanks for visiting!